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How do I install PdaNet? How do I upgrade?

See download and installation instructions here. When upgrading, make sure you upgrade both the phone side and the computer side to the same version.

Does PdaNet use voice or data? Will I get extra charge from my carrier for using PdaNet?

PdaNet usage is identical to Internet usage on your phone. So it only goes through your data plan. If you have an unlimited data plan (like most BlackBerry phone plans) then you are covered.

How fast is the connection speed of PdaNet?

We have optimized the implementation of PdaNet to an extend that when using USB tether mode, zero latency is introduced from the software. In other words you should expect the exact same download speed on the computer compared to download speed on your phone. Bluetooth connection however introduces a bottleneck since Bluetooth port normally has a baud rate limit.

How do I setup Bluetooth connection from my computer?

See Setup Instructions for Bluetooth.

How do I get VPN to work using PdaNet?

Yes most VPN should work under PdaNet.

PdaNet connection is established but I do not get Internet access on the computer end.

Try to disconnect and then turn off PdaNet on the phone side and turn it back on. It will run an Internet test. Make sure it is successful.

I receive error "net.rim.device.api.io.SocketConnectionEnchanced not found" when launching PdaNet on the phone.

Please upgrade to the latest version of PdaNet.

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