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PdaNet for Android PdaNet for BlackBerry
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*If you do not have BlackBerry Desktop software on the PC yet, please go ahead and install BlackBerry Desktop driver first on your computer.

*If you only connect using Bluetooth DUN (such as Mac/Linux users), just point your phone's browser to http://junefabrics.com/bb and install on the phone directly. Also see Bluetooth Setup Instructions.

Download PdaNet for BlackBerry 2.30

Installer for 32-bit Windows 7/XP/Vista

Installer for 64-bit Windows 7/Vista

During the PdaNet installation you will be prompted to install PdaNet on the phone side. When this is done you should see the PdaNet icon under "Downloads", tap it and turn on either USB Tether or Bluetooth DUN.

Thanks for using PdaNet and enjoy the ride on wireless Internet!