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Pocket Web Clipping FAQ

1. What are Web Clipping Applications?
2. Where can I download them?
3. How do I install a Pqa file?
4. System requirements.

What are Web Clipping Applications?

Web Clipping Applications are also called Palm Query Applications or PQA files. Palm, Inc. invented web clippings to make it possible for users to easily access information on the Internet with a small screen and low connection bandwidth. Compared with web pages they are optimized for mobile devices and focus more on faster transfer and real-time data rather than generic web browsing. Web Clipping technology is used on wireless-capable Palm devices such as Palm VII/VIIx and Zire, and also other Palm OS devices with add-on software.

Where can I download Web Clipping Applications?

Numerous web sites are now enabled for web clipping. You can visit the mobile section of your favorite web sites and see if they provide one. Palm.net also provides a central place for Web Clipping Applications, you can try the following link: http://software.palm.com/Wireless

You might as well try shareware sites and look for "pqa" or "web clipping". Make sure the applications you download (or after unzipped) have .pqa as file extensions. They might not be Web Clipping Applications but simply Palm executables (with extension prc or pdb).

If you have installed the Palm Desktop software and HotSynced with a Palm VII/VIIx or i705 device, you might transfer PQA files from those devices to your PocketPC: try to search for *_pqa.pdb under your Palm HotSync directory (usually c:\palm), rename those files to .pqa extension (for example rename MapQuest_pqa.PDB to MapQuest.pqa) and then you can copy them to your PocketPC.

How do I install a Web Clipping Application to my PocketPC?

After you download a Web Clipping Application, make sure you get the PQA file by either unzipping or executing the installer. Look for files *.pqa on the output directory.Once you have the pqa files, simply copy them to your PocketPC using ActiveSync or the Mobile Device folder of your PC.On your PocketPC, tab on the file to open it with Pocket Web Clipping directly or you can run Pocket Web Clipping first then import it through the "Import Pqa File" menu.

System requirements.

Pocket Web Clipping should run on any PocketPC 2000 or PocketPC 2002 OS, you need to make sure your PocketPC is connected to the Internet before you can access most of the feature of a Web Clipping Application. Refer to your PocketPC manual on how to connect to the Internet.