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PdaReach Update/Fix History:
05/2006: Version 1.55 updated
  • Supports Treo 755p
  • Fix a screen-freezing issue when the Sat button is clicked in DateBk.
12/2006: Version 1.55
  • Supports Treo 680
  • Detects device attachment and allows PdaReach connection to be initiated from tray icon (requires Treo 700p or Treo 680 and Palm Desktop 4.2)
  • Fixes Vista Theater mode problem
06/2006: Version 1.54
  • Supports Treo 700p
01/2006: Version 1.53
  • Implement SMS Agent feature for Treo devices. This feature allows you to send/receive SMS messages from the computer when PdaReach is connected
  • Minimize to system tray. Saving space on the task bar.
  • Fixes a screen freezing problem on Toggle buttons.
  • Display error when launched from card.
  • Allow drag-and-drop or tap-and-holding in certain applications when the ctrl key is down.
  • Check for max length in edit fields so that it won't crash the device.
  • Allow PdaReach to run in xp limited user mode.
  • Add option to turn off treating enter key as center button.
06/2005: Version 1.52
  • Faster screen updates.
  • Fixes USB compatibility issue with Card Export.
  • Supports PalmOne LifeDrive and Tungsten E2 devices.
  • Allow floating edit window to be detached and resizable.
  • Includes more skins.
  • Supports screen capturing with content area only.
  • Supports Auto-hide Skin feature when mouse moved out (XP/2K only).
  • Fixes taping bug on Tungsten T3 where the tap position is offset in landscape mode.
  • Fixes button mapping problem of App3 and App4 on Zire skin.
  • Allow controlling screen rotation from PC (ctrl-L) for Tungsten T3, T5 and LifeDrive.
  • Fix scrollbar locking problem introduced in earlier build.
  • Allow text edit window to go to the left side if off screen.
  • Fix problem on text edit window where "Esc" key will clear the content and "Undo" might replace contents with previous viewed texts.
  • Resolve "(Sys 0505) (0,1136)" problem on Tungsten T3.
  • Resolve PC hanging problem when capturing palm screen.
03/11/2005: Version 1.51
  • Fix: Serious memory leak on the PC which will cause the connection to drop after long use.
  • Fix: Palm screen not responding when an alert/SMS window pop up.
  • Fix: Horizontal scrollbar not responding to taping.
  • Improvement: Use Ctrl-click to mimic tap and hold, this will only apply to Tungsten T3 and Tungsten T5 toolbar buttons.
  • Fix: Worked around USB problem caused by using Card Export.
  • Fix: Tray icon not showing up on the PC side on startup.
  • Fix: Trial expiring too soon occasionally.
  • Improvement: Detect WebEx automatically and prompt to turn off advanced drawing mode.
10/31/2004: Version 1.5
  • New Feature: Support a lot more Palm Devices, including Treo 600, Treo 650, Tungsten E, Tungsten T2, Tungsten T3, Tungsten T5, Zire 21, Zire 31, Zire 71 and Zire 72.
  • New Feature: Theater Mode for full screen demonstration.
  • New Feature: Allow you to trigger HotSync from PC side.
  • New Feature: Allow you to capture the Palm screen.
  • New Feature: Allow you to Install Palm Application (prc file) directly to your Palm.
  • New Feature: Add a lot more skins to the installer. Support Auto-select skin if you have different Palm Devices.
  • Improvement: Add a lot more keyboard shortcuts. See Help page for details.
  • Fix: Resolve Norton Antivirus warning.
  • Fix: Resolve page "overflow" issue in some dialogs.
07/1/2004: Version 1.0 Initial Release