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PdaReach FAQ and troubleshooting
  • Q: How to install PdaReach?

    A: Installation is extremely simple: just download the trial version to Windows and run it, then follow the on-screen instructions to connect, that's all.
  • Q :How do I register?

    A: The trial download of PdaReach will expire in 15 days, otherwise is exactly the same as the full version. You need to purchase a registration code matching your email in order to unlock the full version (there is no separate download after you purchase).

    To unlock PdaReach after you receive the registration code (might also be called serial number or license code in the email), click on the PdaReach icon in the tray area on Windows to bring up the popup menu and select "Register", copy your email address and registration code from the order receipt email (has to be exactly as is including spaces) to the dialog. Once registration confirmed, the "Register" menu will no longer appear.
  • Q: When using PdaReach in online meeting software such as WebEx, Microsoft Live Meeting or Macromedia Breeze Live, the PdaReach window is not being displayed like other windows, how to resolve this?

    A: The 1.5x version of PdaReach uses an enhanced drawing feature to display the skin so that part of the area can be semi-transparent on Windows XP/2000. But this drawing mode is not supported by most online meeting software.

    The solution is to check the "Support Online Meeting Software" option under the "Settings on PC" popup menu.
  • Q: PdaReach will not connect and gives me a 773 error. How to resolve this?

    A: Version
    1.55 and 1.54 use different methods to communicate with the PDA, as a result certain types of Palm Devices might not be able to connect smoothly with one of these two versions. We suggest you try out both of them if you run into a connection error and see if one works better for you.
Tips for using PdaReach
  • Use the Power button on the skin to turn on/off the PDA LCD (not all Palm devices support this).
  • App buttons are mapped to F1 ~ F4, opt+button are mapped to Ctrl+F1~F4.
  • Press "Enter" or "Space Bar" to trigger the center button, this will push a button if it is highlighted, or select a menu. The only exception is that when the focus is on a text field where the "Enter" key will become line feed.
  • Press "Home" (unless focus is at a text field) or "Ctrl-H" to load the App Launcher.
  • When focus is at a text field, press "Home" to go to the beginning of the string or "End" to go to the end of the string, "Delete" is also supported.
  • Press "Alt" or "Esc" to bring down the menu, "Alt" again to close it.
  • Press "Tab" has same effects as the right arrow to move the focus to the next button. "Shift-Tab" is same as the left arrow.
  • Ctrl-F will bring up the find window.
  • Use the floating edit window to edit the content of text fields.
  • To resize the floating edit window, try to undock it first. You can use Ctrl-M to show/hide edit window when focus is in edit fields
  • Right click on the Tray icon or the skin window will bring up the context menu, from there you can have access to all options.
  • Drag-and-drop is not supported for PdaReach, this is by design because the mouse down action on your PC is mapped to a complete tap on the PDA to allow similar UI behavior between the two. That means for things like scrollbar you will need to click on the ends to scroll.

    However you can still try to press and hold the ctrl key and perform drag-and-drop or tap-and-hold operations for some applications such as BugMe. However if the UI (such as the text field) does not support this, it might cause the application to freeze. Tap on the device itself should unfreeze it if this ever happens.
  • Some games directly poll hardware buttons on your PDA and will not listen to key events, they might not respond to the app buttons.
  • You can hide the taskbar icon when PdaReach window is minimized and click on the tray icon to restore it. Just change the setting through the menu to enable this.
  • You can download more PdaReach skins here
  • Treo SMS Agent allows you to send and receive SMS messages on Windows when PdaReach is connected. It provides a convenient Windows interface with tabbed chatting-thread support. There are a lot more you can do with SMS other than messaging. For example, you can send (or receive) short emails just by sending messages to an email address directly. Or, you can use the Google SMS feature to look up weather, stock quotes, business directory or even definition of a word. This feature is available in 1.53 or above (for Treo devices only). But you need to turn it on from the settings.
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