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PdaNet for Windows Mobile Update/Fix History:
Version 2.0
Feature: Added the Proxy Mode feature so that voice and data can be used side-by-side.
Feature: Proxy Mode allows network traffic to truly become Internet usage on the phone.
Feature: Proxy Mode is enabled by default for Windows Mobile 6 phones.
Feature: Connection over Wifi is supported for Wifi-capable phones.
Fix: Resolve the Bluetooth COM port issue on some phones where COM4 or COM7 are not available.
Fix: Connection drop or Sync connection not recognized issue on certain phones.
Feature: Support some new phones such as Samsung Blackjack II, HTC Tilt etc.

Version 1.80
Feature: Add supports for Windows Mobile 6 and some new Windows Mobile 5 ROM.

Version 1.73
Feature: Add supports for Bluetooth DUN on Motorola Q
Fix: Add option to drop PdaNet connection on incoming calls
Fix: Fix some small installation issues on Vista
Fix: Allow the device end to work more efficiently and reduce battery usage
Fix: Fix a VERY RARE problem on Treo 700w/wx that causes the phone to freeze when connected with cable
Fix: Invalid setup File error due to lower version of ActiveSync

Version 1.72
Fix: Support Vista, ActiveSync no longer required.
Fix: Connection detection problem (error code 7) introduced by 1.71 and firewall
Fix: Allow APN to be specified for GSM devices if necessary.

Version 1.71
Feature: Support GSM/GPRS devices such as T-Mobile MDA and Cingular 8125
Feature: Support Bluetooth and InfraRed connections through ActiveSync (works for all devices including Motorola Q)
Feature: Allow user name and password to be specified for data account if necessary.
Fix: Problem requiring device to be soft reset after re-installation.

Version 1.65
Fix: Support Motorola Q device (USB only)
Fix: Support USB Serial (provided by Treo updater 1.1 to fix ActiveSync) besides RNDIS
Fix: Provide option to optimize network settings and boost EVDO throughput.

Version 1.64
Fix: Bluetooth DUN beta 2, allow it to be connected outside of PdaNet.

Version 1.63
Fix: Slightly improve download performance
Fix: Resolve one driver installation error
Feature: Allow "PdaNet Modem" to be customized for dialup settings
Feature: Bluetooth DUN beta

Version 1.14
Feature: Add option to auto connect as soon as device attached
Fix: Change the Disconnect menu to close network connection safely so that it won't cause connection problem the next time.

Version 1.13
Feature: PdaNet now Supports PPC/XV 6700, 6600 and Samsung I730
Fix: Resolve reconnection issue (Modem Busy Error)
Fix: Resolve re-installation error on device (Unable to create directory)

Version 1.02
Initial version. Fixes device sluggish/over-heating issue in beta builds