Customizing PdaNet
Below are steps to customize PdaNet:

Step 1: Click on the tray icon and select "Settings" from the context menu

Step 2: In the Settings dialog, check "Advanced" and confirm.

Step 3: Duplicate the existing settings that PdaNet uses by clicking on the link that says "Create Customized Entry" and select the entry created. Make sure you click "OK" to save the changes.

Step 4: Change the settings in Network Connections to whatever you need. For example,
1. Check "Prompt for Password and Username" so that you can supply necessary login information.
2. Enable Firewall on PdaNet connection.
3. Make sure PdaNet connection is bound to the correct "PdaNet Modem"

Step5: Launch PdaNet from Treo to initiate the connection. DO NOT launch it from the dialup entry on the PC side directly.